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Active Citizenship is a fast track to development in any nation. Hence, Goalcoast commits to facilitating it not only in developing countries but also to strengthening it in more developed climes.

Beyond building capacity, accuracy in reporting Civic Engagement Goals should be sacrosanct. For this purpose we will uphold facts especially where repression exists.

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Our Origin

Goalcoast was an initiative inspired by the African Civic Engagement Academy (Class of 2021). The African Civic Engagement Academy (ACEA) is a free online training program and networking opportunity offered to selected mid-career NGO and public sector leaders across sub-Saharan Africa. It is designed to support participants to develop professional skills and acquire tools to improve community and government engagement in your country.

Participants were expected to develop civic engagement action plans (CEAP) through which they develop their learning from the program. Goalcoast is one of the many initiatives born through a CEAP. Goalcoast isan independent online based platform for curating resources including policy templates, lessons, educative articles, political analysis, fact-checks, guidelines and whatever our growing community needs to thrive.

Learning Resources

We share learning resource for individuals and communities with interest in civic engagement.


Uncover the truth about claims made by key players in community development.

Community Forum

A discussion board for communities that have similar interests.

Recent News Articles

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