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Are YOU too poor to make a change?

Can the blind lead the blind? In many fields, no. But in the nonprofit world, its a big yes! The blind can lead the blind and the poor can as a matter of fact lead other poor people into wealth and affluence. Hear me out when I say that you are not too poor to make a change in your community. Here’s how.

Who understands your situation better than you?

Let me guess, you are thinking, me! And that would be absolutely correct. No level of education would expose someone to know you better than you know yourself and your situation. Tat also implies that you stand a better chance at becoming the solution you seek. Maybe not in whole, but to a very large extent, you will be an integral indispensable part of that solution. So brace yourself because the first and the most important piece of the puzzle is you, your experience.

start a non profit on a low budget

Where to start from?

If there was one thing you wanted the most, that would make your life better, what would it be? If you figure this out, then you know the answer. Don’t get me wrong, there will be many problems. But learn to rank them in the order of what is important and urgent. Find what is most important and needs urgent attention. Tackle it first. Build your vision around it. To learn all about visions and how to craft one, click here. Now you have a focus and possible a very simple plan. You have direction and a purpose. Then what?

Find a team

You will need help from time to time. Find a team and work with them. Don’t be shy or afraid. Money is a good way to reward your team but it is not the only way. Prioritize barters, they may help you grow faster. If you want to learn all about barters, click here. These collaborations will enable you to go far faster. Your team does not have to be all about fulltime paid staff, you can consider using volunteers as well. You an learn about volunteerism in this piece.

So now, you have a plan and a team, what next?

Execute! But easy young warrior, take it one step at a time. Many young nonprofits want to lift the world literally. That would be a quick way to fail fast and run out of gas. Pursue little goals. When you succeed, you take it an inch higher until you achieve all you want assuming that was humanly possible. So are you still too poor to make a change?

What are you waiting for? Get started already…

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