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9 Tips to write great project proposals

There are some issues to note in developing and preparing project proposals. These issues will decide if you will succeed in raising the desired funds or not. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these proposal tips.

Tip #1: Keep the Language Simple:

Use simple language – use familiar words and avoid jargon. The assessors would rather understand you than read beautifully crafted compound sentences. Be clear and avoid getting the assessors confused. Note that they often have tens or even hundreds of proposals to check. They won’t have the patience to check the meanings of words in a dictionary.

Tip #2: Stick to Instructions:

It is very common for instructions to be overlooked. This often has serious consequences as there may be specific guidelines on how certain sections should be written. Some sections of a proposal template might stipulate word or character limits. Never exceed limits in characters, words or pages. Therefore, use short words, sentences and paragraphs or otherwise where appropriate. Take time and study the instructions (if any) before writing a proposal.

Tip #3: Avoid Repetition:

Be direct – do not repeat yourself. Get straight to the point and say what you mean. Present a new idea in each section or paragraph. Exhaust all points on an idea before introducing a new idea. Remain consistent in the use of terminologies throughout the document. It is not a very good practice to alternate between words that may refer to the same thing. Note the importance to use the same terms consistently throughout the document to avoid confounding the assessor.

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