Here’s why you must volunteer!

Most people feel they are born for something great! Do you ever feel that way? I bet you do. I have that same feeling all the time. This feeling urges us to give, share and in some way; make the world better. In the midst of all these desires is a helplessness especially when we aren’t Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Yet the feelings we all share are irrational because they linger despite our imperfections. So, I want to show you how to find fulfillment in making the world better in a way only you can!

I have worked in the nonprofits sector since 2010 in so many different capacities. I have seen so many lives and societies transcend lowly statuses to become ideal and topnotch. These kinds of transformation are made possible, not by beautifully crafted strategies or the expertise of project managers. No. Real change is often effected by very ordinary people like me and you. These ordinary people perform the most important roles in ensuring positive development impacts through volunteerism.

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